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Erica Q - Business Strategist


Jim is master coach.

What I was wrestling with for nearly six months Jim kindly and compassionately cut to the chase and got me back on track within less than 30 minutes.

Not only is he helping me in my business he is also helping me find more joy in life. His systems are helping me achieve my goals beyond my dreams...
— Heidi Bradley
Jim’s methods appeared quite alien to us, especially with us having no prior business experience. He worked with us to nail down what profile we are and how to work to our strengths which proved very quickly to have massive benefits. It was like he was reading our minds, weirdo.
Jim got us to focus on what we’re good at and push hard to improve our online sales.
In 12 months we have quadrupled our sales with the help of Jim (no bullshit).
— Contact Coffee Co.