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Meet Jim Hughes founder of Untamed Entrepreneurs.

Helping re-energise entrepreneurs in their life and business

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My name is Jim Hughes and I am the Untamed Entrepreneur; a personal and business coach and speaker, with a penchant for travel, adventure and shit jokes.  


I travel the world helping entrepreneurs regain their energy, direction and inspiration by designing epic lives and businesses around who they truly are and what inspires them.

I have worked with:

  • 8 figure business owners

  • World Record holders

  • Senior military leaders

  • Lots of people in between

Erica Q - Business Strategist

As well as participating in extreme sports wearing fancy dress and being the centre of attention at parties, what I love more than anything is using entrepreneurship to help others reach the same level of happiness and fulfillment that I have!  


I have a confession however…this ‘living life on my own terms’ thing, has not always been so.

A few years ago I was a tired, demotivated and disillusioned employee.  The job that once challenged and raised me, had started to weigh me down.

Cullen Lind: Transitioned Military Veteran

I was managing a $4 million a year engineering business only three years after cleaning toilets on mine sites.  In many people's eyes, I was doing well for myself.


I, on the other hand, had a different perspective.  Yes I had climbed the ranks and had somewhat proven myself as a business leader but I was no longer passionate about what I did.

I had stopped looking forward to the next day and began to understand what others meant by ‘Monday morning blues’.

I had seen others around me live in a state of -at best- apathy and -at worst- disdain, towards their work and told myself this would never be me. It was time for some drastic changes in my life.

Want to know how close you are to living your potential? 
Keen to know whether you’re sacrificing happiness and performance in your work and life?


Once I realized this, I devoted myself to uncovering who I truly was and what inspired me.

All in I spent 1300 hours and $25,000 of my precious time and money (that's more time and money than I spent obtaining my degree by the way!) to gain the clarity I needed.   

No one should have to spend that kind of time or money figuring their out their path...and THAT is why I am now on a mission to help you reach the same level of clarity I achieved, but for far less time AND money!  


If you want to run a business and live a life that is totally aligned with who you are and what inspires you, book a FREE STRATEGY SESSION now.

Watch the interviews with former and current clients. This is not some bullshit salesy scheme. This is me, loving what I do, having a great time working people who yearn to add more value to the world and live to their potential!

If we don’t get on or you don’t think I can help, that’s cool. I only work with people I enjoy spending time with and who WANT to make epic changes in their life. So, if that’s not you, there will be no pressure coming from me!

What have you got to lose?

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Mike Sehl - Inner Fire Academy

you are one call away from changing your life

6 Steps to alignment

1) NOW

identify your alignment

3) why

uncover your mission

5) What

design your vehicle

2) You

establish your identity

ALR-IMG_9741.jpg reduced.jpg

4) Who

define your customer

6) Future

Write your story


more of what people have to say

After a relatively large set back in my career, I had lost confidence & focus on who I am, what matters to me & who I want to be, not to mention what I want to do for a living. Working with Jim helped me reflect on the things that are important to me, helped me see things from the right perspective and focus my energy on who I am & where I’m going. As I wrote about in my book, just like athletes, professionals need coaches too; “They provide that view from the outside. They provide the challenge to you, your paradigms & your processes that is unlikely to be found within”.
Jim is an exceptional coach who pushes you to truly reflect on why you are the way you are & who you truly want to be. Highly recommended!
— Cordell Hensley - Author | Academic | Leadership Consultant
Jim is absolutely superb! I’m an old know-it-all retired US Army Colonel. 

He possesses a unique ability to cut through the smoke and provide me needed clarity as I navigate my post-Army life. Jim took time to understand me and my passions and helps me stay true to them.
— Col. Robert Campbell Ret.
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Hired Jim to speak at my annual company retreat. He spoke to my team about working in a flow state and how to achieve it. It was extremely powerful, engaging and my team now better understand what they love to do and what their co-workers enjoy doing. It was such an amazing experience.
I highly recommend anything Jim does.
— Linzee Ciprani - Ciprani Consulting
I gained more clarity in one hour with Jim than I got from months of reading books and trying to figure things out for myself.
Fascinating to find out my true flow states so that I can adapt my work and ultimately spend more time where I’m at my best - presenting, writing and sharing stories.
Excited to put it into practice now and hopefully others will notice the difference too!
— Alex Staniforth - Record-breaking Endurance Adventurer, International Keynote Speaker
Jim’s methods appeared quite alien to us, especially with us having no prior business experience. He worked with us to nail down what profile we are and how to work to our strengths which proved very quickly to have massive benefits. It was like he was reading our minds, weirdo.
Jim got us to focus on what we’re good at and push hard to improve our online sales.
In 12 months we have quadrupled our sales with the help of Jim (no bullshit)
— Contact Coffee Co.

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