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know yourself. find your playground.


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We Untamed Entrepreneurs have an insatiable appetite for growth, connection and adventure.

We know that for both ourselves and our businesses to perform at their best, our environment is critical.

We also know that conference rooms and cafe's aren't enough. We need more...

More energy, more intensity and more depth!

That’s why we created Untamed Events.  

Helping the high performers of this world avoid mediocrity and live their potential!

hear from those who know

Ed Challis - Co Founder Spice Girl Ltd

Ben Taylor - King of Experiences

Nic Woodhams - CEO Adventure Pass

Shooting In The Breeze

Watch Legends of Scotland Part I


Highlights from the first Legends of Scotland event!


know yourself. find your playground!

All of our events are designed for you to meet like-minded driven people, escape the office for a wealth of adventure activities combined with intensive business and personal growth workshops.

Extreme sports, spectacular landscapes and deep connections with like-minded entrepreneurs create the perfect foundation for what is designed to be the ultimate business and personal development experience!

Having mentored World Record holders, 8 figure business owners, senior military leaders and many people in between, The Untamed Entrepreneur has boiled down and stripped out hundreds of hours of content into a short but intense experience!

APPLY if you’re looking to:

- Avoid mediocrity and reach your potential
- Regain clarity, focus and ENERGY in your life and business
- Make life-long connections with other successful entrepreneurs
- Uncover what you need to PERFORM at your highest level
- Re-connect with adventure or;
- Have fun!

more informed opinions

“Jim is absolutely superb! I’m an old know-it-all retired US Army Colonel.

He possesses a unique ability to cut through the smoke and provide me needed clarity as I navigate my post-Army life. Jim took time to understand me and my passions and helps me stay true to them.”

Erica Q - Business Strategist

Tom Rogers - World Leading Adventure Blogger

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