ArticleJim Hughes

Because Life Is Too Short For Conference Rooms and Crap Coffee

ArticleJim Hughes
Because Life Is Too Short For Conference Rooms and Crap Coffee

About three years ago I had an epiphany.  

It happened whilst attending a typical business event in Perth Australia. As I stood there, torn between the idea of scoffing my face with free biscuits or talking to a guy with bad breath, I realised I was thoroughly bored.

The energy in the room was low, the location was thoroughly uninspiring, I had made zero proper connections and I hadn’t been out of my comfort zone once.

Whilst this event format worked for many people, it was not my style.  I wanted a higher energy and more intense experience. One which would lead to deeper connections with like minded, adventurous entrepreneurs.

Fast forward to 10th June 2019 and a band of eight adventurous (Untamed) entrepreneurs packed up the minibus and departed our stone lodge on the side of a river in remote Scotland.  We had just spent four days jumping into canyons, mountain biking through forests, sweating, panicking, pushing ourselves, learning, growing and connecting.

The 3rd Untamed Event had just finished and the vision was well and truly realised!

After a debrief and some back slapping with Ed Challis MBE (organiser) and Mark Yegge (co-host), planning for the next one started in earnest.

After three rounds up in Scotland being looked after by the amazing Canyoning Company (Ben Case and George Yates), we are considering spreading our wings.

As it stands, the leading contender is an Alpine skiing trip to France in early January.  We have earmarked a top notch chalet nestled in the awe-inspiring French Alps and equipped with sauna, fire place, three course dinners and all the wine we can drink.

All the ingredients required to help a bunch of adventurous entrepreneurs reach their potential and have fun by aligning themselves and their business with who they truly are and what inspires them!

If you’re keen to register your interest for this next Event, please click on the link below and we will send through the updates as we get them.

Have a great end to your week and remember, life is too short for conference rooms and crap coffee!