ArticleJim Hughes

No Rest For The Achiever

ArticleJim Hughes
No Rest For The Achiever

The one aspect that links nearly all of my clients, and many of you on this mailing list, is that you are high achievers. 

The desire to continually grow, develop, achieve and learn are being many of the decisions you make and the actions you take.

This is often a great trait to have because -when allied with intelligence and good judgement- will invariably lead to success, more money and better holidays.

What it doesn’t do is guarantee happiness and nearly always leads to burnout on some level!

We all know intellectually that driving posher cars and drinking expensive vino won’t necessarily lead to happiness, but many of us still live everyday fighting for those very trappings. 

We push, we fight, we sweat, we take risks and we knacker ourselves out, all on the promise that one day we will be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour.  

We will be different from the rest...but we’re not.

Why is this so?  Why do so many of us find it so hard to enjoy NOW; to create some white space in our calendar, chill the f*ck out and appreciate our efforts in getting us to this point?

Well, for the high achiever I can give you one such reason. One word that can be attributed to so much dissatisfaction and internal conflict amongst the worlds go-getters…. Worthiness!

By working with so many top performers all over the world, of different ages and in different fields, it seems the thing driving them to success is the very thing preventing them from enjoying whatever spoils come their way.

We strive to achieve because if we’re not smashing it all day every day, we’re not earning our success and therefore we don’t deserve it.

We tell ourselves rest is for the mediocre and we ‘know’ that deep down someone is judging us for being a lazy bastard.

Movement is good.  Movement means growth and growth means success and success means someone out there will be happy with us!

I am aware that this seems presumptuous and that I’m getting above my station but for those who feel that way, I urge you to reserve judgement and ask yourself if there is any shred of evidence to suggest it may be true.

It may of course not apply to you but before you write it off as something that only applies to ‘other people’, let me say this: so often this discovery takes a massive amount of introspection and honesty. Digging through and separating our story from our truth.  

So please if you’re a high achiever, constantly moving, succeeding and growing but not necessarily getting happier, do some digging for yourself, you may be amazed what you uncover.