ArticleJim Hughes

Reframe Your Weaknesses

ArticleJim Hughes
Reframe Your Weaknesses

Perhaps the single biggest turning point on my path to alignment was when I realised I had spent years perceiving some of my biggest strengths, as weaknesses.

Self-awareness, society and our upbringing all combine to shape the lens through which we perceive our strengths, weaknesses, gifts and personality.

Unfortunately, when we feel misalignment in our lives, the customary path is often to change ourselves in order to fit into our environment. To quash our natural tendencies and hide our true value.

We do this because as humans we are programmed to want to fit in. For our ancestors it meant the difference between life and death. If, 2000 years ago, not ‘being your true self’ meant you had the protection from the tribe then of course you would keep your Brexit opinions to yourself and crack on. 

Now however, the consequences are vastly different. There is a place for everyone and for most people in the free world, there is ample opportunity to ‘find your people’.

If we don’t and decide to take (what we deem as) the easy route and mould ourselves to our environment, it can prove costly.

It plays havoc on our sense of identity, creates internal conflicts, disguises what we’re really good at and knocks our confidence. Our biggest assets are treated as liabilities. Our biggest strengths viewed as weaknesses.

Instead, we should be honing and owning our gifts. Leveraging what we’re best at and seeking environments in which our ‘true self’ can thrive.


To what extent are you misperceiving your biggest strengths?

Below, write down what you presently regard as your biggest weaknesses and how you can reframe them as your biggest strengths. 

For Example:

Perceived Weakness: Crap at details

Actual Strength: Great at seeing the big picture